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xyzzy #3022
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Owners: Roadcrosser #3657 , Ovyerus #2211 , xyzzy #3022 Library:
A hollow voice says "cretin".


Mechanical whirrs are heard from throughout the complex, but you don't have time to worry about that right now.
The construct stands before you, xyzzy.

>x xyzzy

The construct appears to you as an ancient computer, one from the Old Age, a cream-colored CRT Monitor with a cream-colored keyboard in front of it. The tower sits next to the monitor, whirring away. You sense a magical aura connecting this construct to Discord's servers.

Hidden near the back, you spy a device labelled "Stats Display".

A single line is displayed on the monitor, which reads AWAITING INPUT.

>press key

You press a key on the keyboard, and the screen goes blank. The whirring intensifies, as it feels to be coming from all around you. You soon feel a sense of dizziness, before passing out.


xyzzy is a Discord Bot that runs Interactive Fiction games like Zork within Discord's chat, allowing you to play with others or on the go.

For more information about the bot, visit the World Wide Web site. You may need a 56k modem in order to load the site in a reasonable time frame.
There is nothing left;
to be seen;
and nothing left;
to be heard.
All that remains;
is the void that envelops us all.