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tt. (configurable)
TTtie #1381
An open-source and simple to use moderation/utility bot.
Owner: TTtie #1381 Prefix: tt. (configurable)

Discord Build Status is a simple to use moderation/utility bot written in JavaScript using Node.js and the Sosamba framework based on the Eris library.


  • Emoji to picutre: A simple way to convert your magnificent emoji to an animated PNG image!

    Rendering APNGs is not currently supported by Discord, thereby, the preview will display as a still image.

  • Extensions: Is’s command suite not enough for you? Build your own commands using a powerful JavaScript API.
  • Free software: is free software distributed under the GNU AGPL v3 or later. Translations for are licensed under the MIT License.
  • Cross-server telephony: Chat with anyone using across Discord.

    Setup is required in order to use’s telephony features.

  • Customizability: Most of’s behavior is opt-out by default, allowing you to enable only the features you truly want. You can even make speak a different language or let display time in your timezone!
  • Moderation: features a simple to use moderation suite in order to help server moderators keep their server clean.
  • Welcome/leave messages: Say hello/goodbye to your members with your own custom message.
  • Logging: Log certain events on your server with simple and clean output.