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-help to get commands
Emotes, Utility, Admin Commands, Cleaning, RSS, DDG/Youtube search, Google translate, Invites, Translate Chat, Fitness
Owner: Ryu Prefix: -help to get commands

No Category: -help -pretzels -Onyxia -spell_book -donate -code -shard

Theme Songs: -theme -Arthur_theme -Arthur_theme_movie -Arthur_theme_mvc

Chance: -flip -dice -roll (optional: min roll) (optional: max roll (min and max must both be used or not used at all))

Picture Emotes: -serious -explain -useless -charmed -challenge_accepted -hai -huh -asunder -face_palm -it’s_time -high_noon -Celery_Man -4d3d3d3 -rr -ora -woo -pleeease -PG -cg -git_gud -scared -at -chuckle -gj -rip -wwydt -back -poi -iknow

Text Emotes: -flip_table -set_table -hug -kiss -laugh -smile -surprised -nooo -confused -nervous -skeptical -scare -cry -slap -unknown

Dancing: -dance_freestyle -dance_gangnam -dance_ninja

League of Legends: -Draaaven -blue_buff -tft

DDG Search Engine(in PM): -google (query) (optional: number of results (10 max))

DDG Search Engine(in chat): -cgoogle (query) (optional: number of results (10 max))

Youtube Search(in chat): -cyoutube (query) (optional: number of results (10 max))

Youtube Search(in PM): -youtube (query) (optional: number of results (10 max))

Text Cleaning: -clear (optional: quantity of your messages to delete), -clean (optional: quantity of Lina’s messages to delete)

Feature Request: -request (feature you want this bot to have)

Physical Fitness: -bmi <weight><lb | lbs | kg | kgs> <height><ft | cm><optional: inches><in> (ex. 130lbs 5ft5in) -bmr <weight><lb | lbs | kg | kgs> <height><ft | cm><optional: inches><in> <age>(years) <gender><male | female> (ex. 130lbs 5ft5in 25 male)

Logical Fallacies: -lf -lf1 -lf2 -lf3 -lf4 -lf5 -lf6 -lf7 -lf8 -lf9 -lf10 -lf11 -lf12 -lf13 -lf14 -lf15 -lf16 -lf17 -lf18 -lf19 -lf20 -lf21 -lf22 -lf23 -lf24

RSS Feed: Create a text channel with {{rss},{…},{inchat},{off}} in its topic with an everyone permission that can view it but not talk in it. Replace the … with the rss link. Only give the bot talking priviledges in the channel. You may have other text in the channel topic. If you want a rss channel that everyone can talk in then change off to on. With inchat set to on, you will only see new RSS messages as they come out. Inchat on allows multiple RSS feeds in the same channel. Place {{rss},{…},{inchat},{on}} multiple times in the channel topic to get this.

Admin: -kick (@ username) -ban (@ username) (optional: days to delete messages (7 max)) -unban (username) -cleanse (@ username) (optional: quantity of messages to delete) -purge (optional: quantity of all messages to delete) -language_filter (Toggles it on and off) -channel_search (allows you to toggle on/off whether the cgoogle and cyoutube commands work) -announcement (channel name/ command) (Specifies the channel Lina makes announcements in (‘ALL’ for all channels, ‘DEFAULT’ for your guilds general channel, ‘NONE’ to stop receiving announcements and channel name to set that channel)) -block_invites (Toggles blocking discord invite links on and off) -change_role (@ username) (role) -antispam (Warns spammers. If they continue, it kicks them. If they continue, it bans them. Ignores bots or channels with {spam} in the channel topic. -barrier (Prevents new people from joining your guild while barrier is up. This does not effect bots. You can view who is being kicked in audit log.) -emotes (Turns on and off the ability to use emotes)

Utility: -list_roles -guild_id -guild_search -toggle_role (role) Allows people without the manage role permission to change their role. They can only change their role to below the lowest role assigned to Lina.

One Time Guild Invites: -invite (guild id) (@ username) -invite_all (guild id) (invites all people in your voice channel to the guild specified)

Group Video Conference: -gvc_video (Video you want to watch in channel) (Place ‘gvc’ in the name of a channel you want to be a Group Video Conference channel. Make sure Lina is the first person to post. It will allow you to watch a video while talking in that channel)

Translation: -translate (source language) (target language) (message to translate) -language_list ​

Translation Chat: The purpose of this is to allow you to speak with people of different languages easily. Use the form {{channel_code},{A123},{language},{english}} in the channel topic. Where A123 is located, place a code of your own choosing. Text channels with the same code are linked together but they have to be a different language. Where english is located, put the language you want to speak in that channel. Use -language_list to get the list of languages. Be sure to change your Notification settings by going to Server Setting-> Overview -> Default Notificatoin Settings. Set it to mentions only.