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Mantaro #4454
~> or @Mantaro or custom
Kodehawa #3457
Economy, Roleplaying, Music and fun in a single package! Also includes Birthday announcing and games.
Owner: Kodehawa #3457 Prefix: ~> or @Mantaro or custom

Hello, I’m Mantaro! Add me today and have first class global economy, music, fun and everything else you might imagine delivered directly to your server!

I’m here to make your life a little easier and to deliver fun, charm and activity to your server. You might wonder, how so? Well, let me introduce you to some of my features:


  • 99.9% uptime and amazing support! Click here to join the support server
  • Check ~>help for a list of commands. You can also mention the bot as a prefix instead of using ~> (@Mantaro help)
  • Multiple languages (See ~>lang for a list)
  • Play a simulated immersive economy system with the Currency commands, with badges, pets, experience, mining, fishing, chopping, casting, repairing and much much more! (Use ~>profile or ~>bal to start) and check the guide here.
  • Pet system that helps you collect more rewards! (Use ~>pet to start)
  • Make your chat funnier and livelier with ~>greet, ~>pat, ~>poke, ~>slap, ~>kiss, ~>hug and more!
  • Play Music with (almost) zero loss or lag! (~>play, ~>queue, ~>np, ~>forceplay and more)
  • Play fun games and enjoy your time! (~>game pokemon, ~>game number, ~>trivia and more!)
  • Complete “Guess that pokemon!” game, with all generations and evolutions (+1000 of them!) ~>game pokemon
  • Marriage and Waifu system! (Use ~>help marry and ~>help waifu to start)
  • Compete on currency seasons!
  • Create your own Custom Commands with ~>custom!
  • Look up images on imageboards/boorus! (~>konachan, ~>yandere, etc!)
  • Get reminded of stuff! (Check ~>help remindme)
  • Don’t forget your friend’s birthdays! Use~>birthday and I’ll announce when it arrives! (needs configuration).
  • Extremely configurable with more than 60 options to offer! Check ~>opts ls and the configuration guide for more info!
  • Comprehensive moderation: ~>mute, ~>ban, ~>kick,~>opts and more!
  • Check anime information with ~>anime.
  • Search the Urban Dictionary! (~>urban)
  • Customizable prefix (See ~>prefix)
  • And way, way more fun features to discover!
  • No votelocks!
  • Way more! Click here for info

There’s way more to discover, add me to explore the bot! and take a look at the wiki or my webpage for more information.