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A very low class Discord bot.


A simple Discord bot available for free. Click here to add me.


@mention the bot in any channel or just type in #pleb to give a command. Users with the no-pleb role won't be able to use commands. NSFW commands will be unavailable except for people with the nsfw role or in a nsfw channel.



  • play [YouTube video URL] - plays a YouTube video (accepts both and URLs)
  • play [YouTube playlist URL] - plays a YouTube playlist in sequential order
  • play [SoundCloud sound URL] - plays a SoundCloud track
  • play [SoundCloud set URL] - plays a SoundCloud set in sequential order
  • play [search] - plays the first YouTube video from a search query
  • shuffle - shuffles the current playlist, then restarts
  • shuffle [YouTube playlist URL] - shuffles a YouTube playlist, then plays
  • shuffle [SoundCloud set URL] - shuffles a SoundCloud set, then plays
  • shuffle [search] - exactly the same as play [search]
  • add [query|URL] - add any of a YouTube video, YT playlist, SoundCloud video, SC set, or search query to the end of the playlist
  • add shuffle [query|URL] - add any of the above to the playlist and then shuffle it
  • loop [YouTube video URL] - loops a YouTube video (accepts both and URLs)
  • loop [SoundCloud sound URL] - loops a SoundCloud track
  • loop [search] - loops the first YouTube video from a search query
  • next - skips to next song
  • next [num] - skips to next num song
  • prev - goes back one song
  • prev [num] - goes back num songs
  • pause - pauses playback
  • resume - resumes playback
  • stfu - stops playback and disconnects Pleb from the voice channel
  • listen - converts speech to text when message author speaks the next time
  • queue [page]? - list the next 5 songs; optionally provide a page number
  • playlist [query] - query for a YouTube playlist


  • config prefix <value> - set prefix.
  • ping - calculates time between command message and response message
  • ping [URL] - simple HTTP ping to a website
  • stats - get some bot stats
  • id - PM user ID
  • born - get your birthday
  • search [query] - query the internet and post the first result
  • help - PM some help
  • remind (me|@user) to [action] (in|at) [time] - set a reminder
  • sanitize - delete last 3 messages from bot
  • sanitize [num] - deleted last num messages from bot
  • info - get bot info
  • weather [location] - get current weather at a location
  • weather (currently|minutely|hourly|daily) [location] - get weather as specified for a location
  • link - get the bot's invite link
  • define [word] - define a word


  • imgur [title?] - upload an image to Imgur with an optional title; use this in the comment of a file upload
  • boobs - get a random photo of boobs [NSFW]
  • ass - get a random photo of ass [NSFW]
  • memes - get a random meme from Cyanide & Happiness or xkcd
  • dick [mention]? - get a dick size
  • catfacts - send a random cat fact
  • dice|roll ([count] [size]) - roll count dice with size sides (defaults to 2 6-sided dice)
  • coinflip - flip a coin
  • /ay+/i - lmao
  • xD|XD - XD
  • morse [text] - convert given text to morse
  • 8ball [question] - ask a question of the all-knowing 8-ball
  • hello|hi|hey|wassup - 👋


If you have any questions, contact a dev at our (admittedly small) discord.