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Now Live #0483
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Live stream announcing bot, back from the dead. Supports Twitch, YouTube, and Trovo.

Now Live is the original bot that replaced Streambot back in 2016. After a year of downtime and rewriting we are back and better than ever!

Now Live features a single command (-nl setup) which brings you into a robust system of menus which the users can navigate to configure the bot to your server. Feature highlghts include (some features require a premium subscription):

  • Robust menu driven configuration right in Discord
  • Supports Twitch, YouTube, and Trovo live stream announcements with more platforms being added in 2021!
  • (Premium) Detailed filtering system allowing users to filter out streams based on criteria like game being played, specific words in the stream title, maturity rating of the channel, and more (options are custom tailored to each stream platform)
  • Auto-deleting announcements once the stream is over (a new editing system is planned for early 2021)
  • (Premium) Customize the announcement look and feel to each streamer by adding or removing different bits of info
  • (Premium) Discord Live! Whenever someone goes live on Twitch or YouTube on your server, they will automatically be announced in the channel you specify