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Variable (Default -)
Owner: strajk-#0001 Library:
The cutest Multifunctional bot in the world of Discord, running strong since 2015
Owner: strajk-#0001 Prefix: Variable (Default -)
Created in 2015 qtChan is a Multipurpose bot written in .NET


Variable Prefix

  • Set your Prefix to whatever you want, to be a single character or even a combination of characters.
  • Fun Chat Modules

    • Mentioning: greet, pat, hug, kiss, hand, love, punch, slap, bully, nobully, cuddling, stare
    • Reaction Images: smug, honk, dance, pout, cry, smile, blush, shrug, thumbsup, sleepy, teehee
    • Easter Eggs: Try to find them fam, "ayy" would be one of them :^)

    RNG Modules

    • 8ball, roll
    • Namegen: Generate a random name with types, like animal names
    • Fortune: Answers your deepest prayers by giving you a Fortune Cookie

    Random Image Modules

    • cute, dog, cat, nani, awoo, thinking, ahegao

    Search Modules (Safe for Work)

    • manga, anime, imdb

    NSFW(Porn) Modules

    • hentai, rule34, boobs, ass

    Miscellaneous Modules

    • File Download: mp3, mp4
    • Cleverbot: Mention her with some text (Might not always work due to API Fees)
    • Currency: Convert currency fast and easy
    • Avatar: Be a ninja and steal your Friends Profile Picture
    • Danbooru/Gelbooru: Fetch a random non-explicit image from Danbooru and Gelbooru
    • QR: Generates a QR Code based on your input
    • Hazmat: Put your current Avatar into a Hazmat suit to protect yourself

    Bot Modules

    • Extensive Help Menu (help): Delivers all commands or a certain command through DM
    • Information (info): Retrieve some information about the qtChan
    • Configuration (cfg): Variety of configs for your Discord such as:
      • NSFWChannel: Set which channels are allowed to qtChan NSFW commands
      • NSFWFilter: Take control over which kind of search queries are not allowed, like schoolgirl or furry
      • Prefix: Set what kind of string is the prefix to use commands, default being "-", can be anything
      • Mute: Set which Role is the "Muted Role" for the Moderation Module, has to be mentionable
      • ModLog: Set which Channel will be used to log all Moderation interaction through the Moderation Module
      • TrustedRole: Set which Roles are allowed to use qtChan to prevent untrusted users to spam your Discord
      • DeleteTenor: Set if qtChan should delete tenor links being posted in your Discord in case you don't like them
    • Easy to reset (clear): Mention qtChan with the text "clear" to reset every configuration in case you screwed up

    Moderation Modules

    • Moderation Menu: mod
    • Ban Users: mod.ban
    • Kick Users: mod.kick
    • Delete Messages/Chatlog: mod.delete
    • Mute Users: mod.mute