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Vision: To provide the best discord experience for game developers and gamers on Official Gaming Servers!

Although Gamer, was built and designed to provide the best support for Official Gaming servers, it can also be used on any Discord server. Official Gaming servers are just given VIP Access.

Tons of features help you to stay in control of your server:

  • Role management (Unique Role Sets, Reaction Roles, self-assignable roles, mod-assignable roles)

    • Unique Role Sets: Create a group of roles that a users is only allowed to have one of. Gamer will not allow any user to have more than 1 role in this group.
    • Reaction Roles
    • Self-Assignable Roles - .role roleName You can also use Gamer shortcuts feature to create custom commands for any role for example: .na to have the user grant the NA role to themself.
    • Mod-Assignable Roles: Only moderators can grant these roles to other users.
    • Role Info - Get any and all useful information on a role.
    • Role Messages - Send a custom message whenever a role is given or removed from a user.
  • Fun commands (baka, hug, cuddle, etc.)

  • Tags And Embed Management

    • Basic Tag - Send a custom message if any message starts with a keyword.
    • Advanced Tags - Send a custom message if a keyword is in any of the message.
    • Create, edit, send embeds
  • Server Security

    • Profanity Filter (Simple, Strict versions)

    • URL/Invite Filter (Whitelist available to allow certain URL’s like your website.)

    • Capital Spam Filter (Fine tuned % control of how much Capitals is allowed in a message.)

    • Captcha Verification System (Prevent bots and raids.) Captcha Example

    • Organized Server Logs (Detailed and organized into categories for all your servers needs.)

    Server Logs Example

  • XP / Leveling System with beautifully designed cards (leaderboards and profile)

    • βœ… New missions every few hours to entice users to come back to your server.
    • βœ… Beautiful profile cards.
    • βœ… Role rewards for users reaching levels.
    • βœ… Beautiful Server/Global/Voice Leaderboards
    • βœ… Inactivity loses XP encouraging consistent activity.
    • βœ… So many ways of getting XP, it’s a full blown addictive game to keep users having fun in your server.
    • βœ… Moderation actions like saying profanity, getting warned/muted will remove XP.
    • βœ… Mods/Admins can give points for good behavior
    • Leaderboards (Server, Global, Voice)
    • Missions Leaderboard Example Profile Example
  • Event management system incl. notification and advertisement feature

  • Feedback(Bug Reports/Suggestions) system

    • βœ… Get detailed bug reports and suggestions from users.
    • βœ… Have users answer specific questions for each feedback sent.
    • βœ… Ability to contact users for more information when needed.
    • βœ… Users vote on feedback to help show which to prioritize.
    • βœ… Easily export feedback to external dev tools like Google Spreadsheets.
    • βœ… Detailed logs of all feedback.
    • βœ… Users can easily submit feedback.
    • βœ… Reward users for good feedback.
  • much much more (afk, imgur, serverinfo, userinfo)