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MishiBot #1811
Owner: MishiroUsui #0001 Library:
A dynamic, customisable and interactive bot which aims to enhance discord servers with quality of life, utility, and moderation capabilities. To get started use '@MishiBot help'
Owner: MishiroUsui #0001 Prefix: @MishiBot

40+ Commands, Featuring:

  • Automatic moderation (kick/mute/ban) based on (filter/invites)
  • Chat Filter
  • Command Flags, they can do many things, for more info use ‘@MishiBot help flags’
  • Currency Conversion/Rate checker.
  • Custom Commands
  • Customisable Prefix
  • Invite Blocker
  • Moderation logging - only actions through the bot are logged currently.
  • Password Generation, for when you can’t quite think of a good enough password yourself.
  • PG Protection out of the box, automatically disables commands with swearing. Easily disabled with ‘@MishiBot pg –disable’ if you like that kind of thing.
  • Punishment history and lookup
  • Role optins - Setup an optin so that users can get a role simply by running the command, or by reacting to a specific message!
  • Russian Roulette - Last person standing style.
  • User join/quit messages (customisable)
  • Whitelisted Channels - Don’t like bots talking in chats they shouldn’t? Me neither!