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Logger Logger#6088
Logger is a simple Discord bot for logging different events in your Discord server.

Logger is an extremely powerful and configurable logging bot. It is dedicated solely towards logging, no extra crap that do-everything bots have. Here are some features:

New: Slash commands!

  • Log when:
    • A channel is created/edited/deleted
    • A user is banned/unbanned
    • Emojis are created/edited/deleted
    • A user joins/leaves/is kicked
    • A bot is added to the server
    • A user is given/revoked a role
    • A role is created/edited/deleted
    • Show role and channel permissions that are changed
    • Server properties are updated (name, region, moderation, etc)
    • A message is updated/deleted/bulk deleted
    • A user is given a nickname
    • A user joins/leaves a voice channel
    • A user is muted/deafened in a voice channel
    • A user accepts your community rules gating
  • Automatic bulk logging for the most active & log-heavy of servers (10,000+ members or 1,000+ people in voice)
  • Easy to use web dashboard
  • Ignore text channels AND voice channel activity
  • Log ONLY what YOU want
  • Toggle logging other bots for reduced spam
  • Utility commands
    • Get information about a user
    • Get information about the server
    • Archive up to 1000 messages in a channel

Inviting Me

Logging member joins? Use this. See Security below to see why!

Not logging member joins? Use this invite OR if you don’t want to globally grant Manage Webhooks to Logger, use this invite

If you understand what you are doing for permissions, an invite link for me with lesser required permissions can be accessed here

Slash commands guide:

Use /help and /help guide: Usage to learn how to set Logger up.

Use /setup via_presets where you want to send logs to log presets of events at once (joinlog, moderation, messages, voice, etc). Select the options you want to log, and the bot will try to log there.

Use /setup via_individual_event where you want to send logs to log events individually.

Use /stoplogging and it’s options to stop Logger from logging.

Other utility slash commands are offered, like archive, userinfo, and serverinfo.

Log everything:

Log everything

Log individual events example:

You can set these individual events to different channels too! Just enter the channel you want to send logs to, and run %setchannel with whatever events you want to log. Example: Log individual events

Log when messages are deleted

message delete

All events and their meanings:

  • channelCreate
    • When a channel is created
  • channelUpdate
    • When a channel is updated (overwrites, name, bitrate…)
  • guildBanAdd
    • When a member gets banned
  • guildBanRemove
    • When a member gets unbanned
  • guildRoleCreate
    • When a role is created
  • guildRoleDelete
    • When a role is deleted
  • guildRoleUpdate
    • When a role is changed
  • guildUpdate
    • When a property of the server is updated (name, afk channel, welcome channel, etc)
  • messageDelete
    • When a message is deleted
  • messageDeleteBulk
    • When a large amount of messages is deleted by a bot
  • messageUpdate
    • When a message is edited
  • guildMemberAdd (requires use of this invite
    • When a member joins the server
  • guildMemberKick
    • When a member is kicked from the server
  • guildMemberRemove
    • When a member voluntarily leaves the server
  • guildMemberUpdate
    • When a member is given or revoked a role
  • guildMemberVerify
    • When a member accepts community rule gating requirements.
  • voiceChannelLeave
    • When a member leaves a voice channel
  • voiceChannelJoin
    • When a member joins a voice channel
  • voiceStateUpdate
    • When a member mutes or deafens themself (or server-wide mute/deafen)
  • voiceChannelSwitch
    • When a member moves from one voice channel to another
  • guildEmojisUpdate
    • When an emoji is added or removed from the server
  • guildMemberBoostUpdate
    • When a member boosts or unboosts a server. WARNING: may not send a log for every new boost, sorry!


Is important. Manage Channels & Manage Server are required in the member join logging invite because Discord sends invite creation/deletion info with it, as well as the ability to fetch invites on join to update the bot. If you’re not logging member joins, you can get away with only granting Manage Webhooks to each channel the bot sends logs to. The bare minimum required permissions link (needs manage webhooks per log channel) can be accessed here


  • Special Patreon bot
    • See who deletes messages!
    • See who made the invite users join with
    • Set custom embed colors
    • Image logging
    • Longer message caching times
    • Less limits
    • Faster bot
    • Priority support for bot uptime
    • Special website for viewing archives and bulk delete logs (requires signing into Discord:
    • Archive up to 10,000 messages at once
    • Ability to ignore actions done by a user (create role, apply role, kick, ban, etc)
    • See who moves or disconnects users in voice channels

Patreon (rad features, yo)