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Logger is a simple Discord bot for logging different events in your Discord server.

Showing off some functionality and setup commands

Example Usage

Logger is a simple utility and logging bot for various events in Discord. It is dedicated solely towards logging, no extra crap that do-everything bots have. Here are some features:

  • Easy to use web dashboard
  • Almost every event is available to be logged
  • Ignore text channels
  • Disable events individually
  • Toggle logging bot actions (Dyno, Mee6 autorole for instance)
  • Utility commands
    • Get information about a user
    • Get information about the server
    • Get last names of user
    • Archive up to 1000 messages in a channel
  • Please make sure I have the permissions requested in the invite! If not, I will not work!
    • Manage server to fetch invites
    • Manage webhooks to create logging webhooks
    • Everything else is self-explanatory

Log everything:

Log everything

Log individual events example:

Log individual events

All events and their meanings:

  • channelCreate
    • When a channel is created
  • channelUpdate
    • When a channel is updated (overwrites, name, bitrate…)
  • guildBanAdd
    • When a member gets banned
  • guildBanRemove
    • When a member gets unbanned
  • guildRoleCreate
    • When a role is created
  • guildRoleDelete
    • When a role is deleted
  • guildRoleUpdate
    • WIP, will show before and after permissions for role
  • guildUpdate
    • When a property of the server is updated (name, afk channel, welcome channel, etc)
  • messageDelete
    • When a message is deleted
  • messageDeleteBulk
    • When a large amount of messages is deleted by a bot
  • messageUpdate
    • When a message is edited
  • guildMemberAdd
    • When a member joins the server
  • guildMemberKick
    • When a member is kicked from the server
  • guildMemberRemove
    • When a member voluntarily leaves the server
  • guildMemberUpdate
    • When a member is given or revoked a role
  • voiceChannelLeave
    • When a member leaves a voice channel
  • voiceChannelJoin
    • When a member joins a voice channel
  • voiceStateUpdate
    • When a member mutes or deafens themself (or server-wide mute/deafen)
  • voiceChannelSwitch
    • When a member moves from one voice channel to another
  • guildEmojisUpdate
    • When an emoji is added or removed from the server


  • Special Patreon bot
    • See who deletes messages!
      • Image logging
      • Longer message caching times
      • Less limits
      • Faster bot
      • Priority support for bot uptime
      • Special website for viewing archives and bulk delete logs (
      • Archive up to 10,000 messages at once
      • See role permissions being updated
      • Ability to ignore actions done by a user (create role, apply role, kick, ban, etc)

Patreon (rad features, yo)