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Owner: Lolligerjoj#3919 Library:
Multi-purpose bot for discord with moderation, level system, currency system and much more

Niko is a discord bot based on OneShot Niko which i made because i love the game and i just wanted to make a discord bot using it.

Main Features

> Moderation which you can check all the commands using !ncmds admin
> Twitch stream tracking with custom message
> Leveling feature
> Server leveling feature
> Games commands like Tic Tac Toe, rps and many others
> Level Roles (Still in Beta tho)
> Two languages for responses (pt_br and en_US)
> Osu Commands
> Custom prefix feature (ik that’s not a great thing but it has…)
> Actions Commands like: hug, kiss, kill, pat, cheek and boop.
> Tag feature which is basically custom commands with custom responses
> Added Osu Graph functionality, check them with !nhelp osuu

Check the available command categories with !ncmds

If you have any questions about the bot, please join our support server, we’ll be happy in help you!

If you just want to talk you can enter too!


If you can, please be a patreon you will help a lot and will get some perks!