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🖥️ General purpose • ☎️ Telephone • 📻 Radio • 🏷️ Tags • 🌐 Multilingual
Owner: Kéké#2002 Prefix: h: / @Homer

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🖥️ Introduction

Homer is a Discord bot providing the basic features of any good bot: Google search, weather, information on anything you want. Moreover, it is multilingual (currently in English and French)!

Of course, it doesn’t stop there… more below 👇

☎️ Telephone

Have you always dreamed of having a phone in your channel? Now you can. Homer offers you the possibility to communicate with servers from all over the world!

Install the bot, subscribe and start calling! It’s simple and 100% free. However, remain courteous… otherwise beware of me!

Keep in note that the telephone is a text-based feature, at least for the moment, there is no use of voice channels.

Telephone demo

📻 Radio

Oh, you’d rather listen to the radio? Good thing Homer does, too! Listen to radios from all over the world from your little cocoon with al dente audio quality!

Learn German, discover Irish folk or see what the Top 40 in France looks like! This service is completely free, however you can improve the audio quality by donating (see h:donate for more information).

You can even suggest radios to add by joining the support server (invitation in the h:about command).

Radio demo

🏷️ Tags

You again?! Ah, I see you prefer to do your own commands. Well, once again, Homer’s here for you!

Lisa is the name of the scripting language used by Homer for the tags, thanks to this scripting language you can do a lot of things that go beyond even Discord! Its http function allows you to retrieve information from elsewhere… and to embellish the bot with new features!

Note that this feature is currently being rewritten, clean and easy to use documentation will be provided soon.

🛃 Support server

Oops, maybe you fell too low… unless you have a problem with Homer (which is not impossible).

We invite you to join the support server whose invitation is somewhere on this page just above 👆 and you’ll be helped and guided quickly.