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Slav Bot#9008
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Owner: MerriemWeebster#4871 Library:
The ultimate shitposting bot for fun commands. Image editing, templates, sound board, a Text-Based World War Game and message responses.
Owner: MerriemWeebster#4871 Prefix: ! or custom prefix

The ultimate shitposting bot.

This bot is meant for fun commands rather than serious ones.

Slav Bot also has unexpected responses to certain words or messages (This can be turned on/off using the respond command on Slav Bot).

The bot is in development so expect more commands in the future.

You can use the feedback command to report bugs, give improvements or request new commands.

Join our support server for any questions or feedback.

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Visit Slav Bot’s website for the documentation.

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You can support the development on Patreon. More info on the Patreon page


Steam UI

You can use our custom Steam UI by downloading it from steam customizer. Simply pick either the dark or light theme and download the skin file. Make sure to have the Steam Customizer tool downloaded in order to use the file. After applying it, you can show how superior you are to your friends.

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