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A Discord bot for sharing Nintendo Switch/Nintendo 3DS/Pokemon Go friend codes and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Battle Arenas


A Discord Bot for Nintendo fans

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RosalinaBot keeps tracks of your friends’ Nintendo friend codes through Discord! Equipped with a coin, a dice, and communication with the stars (definitely) for maximum obligatory bot features.

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  • Support for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS Friend Codes
    • Send and receive your Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS friend codes with your Discord friends
  • Share Super Mario Odyssey Balloon Codes
    • Store your Luigi’s Balloon World codes and challenge your friends on Discord to find them
  • Share Pokémon Go friend codes
    • Catch them all with your friends!
  • Share Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Battle Arenas
    • Settle it in Smash with your Discord server!
  • Friend codes transfer between servers
  • Dice
    • Use r!dice or r!die to roll a die. A great alternative to settling it in Smash!
  • Coin Flipping
    • Use r!coin to flip a coin. Who knows? Maybe it’ll land on its side!
  • 8 Ball
    • Use r!8ball [Yes or No Question] to seek answers from the cosmos.
  • Capable of notifying users when a Nintendo Direct is announced
  • 24/7 uptime
    • (That’s a feature, right?)
  • Command shortcuts
  • Privacy Settings
    • Customize whether your friends can request your individual friend codes.
      • (The alternative is you sending your code to chat yourself.)


Sharing friend codes

To share your friend code with people in your server, or just keep it handy on Discord, use either r!switchCode or r!3DSCode to store your Nintendo Switch friend code or Nintendo 3DS friend code respectively. Example usage is below for both commands.

r!switchCode SW-1234-5678-9000 r!3DSCode 1234-5678-9000

Note that dashes are required and the commands are not case sensitive. You should receive a confirmation message if it is successful. By default, your friend codes are public. In order for others to see them, you must type r!switchCode or r!3DSCode to retrieve your friend codes. If you set your friend codes to public, others in a server with RosalinaBot may use r!switchCode @[YOU] or r!3DSCode @[YOU] to retrieve your friend codes.

Privacy Settings

By default, any of your friend codes will be set to public. The only time RosalinaBot will send your friend codes to a chat is if you and only you use the r!switchCode or the r!3DSCode commands. To check these settings at anytime, use r!settings.

To change a privacy setting, follow this format r!settings [PLATFORM]Code [PRIVACY]. Replace PLATFORM with either switch or 3DS and PRIVACY with either PUBLIC or PRIVATE. For example, typing r!settings switchCode PUBLIC will set your Nintendo Switch friend code to public. Likewise, typing r!settings 3DSCode PRIVATE will set your Nintendo 3DS friend code to private.

Sharing Balloon World codes

You can share your Balloon World codes from Super Mario Odyssey using r!smo. The basic structure for saving a code is r!smo [KINGDOM] 000000000. [KINGDOM] should be replaced with one of the following:

  • cap
  • cascade
  • sand
  • lake
  • wooded
  • lost
  • metro
  • snow
  • seaside
  • luncheon
  • bowser
  • moon
  • mushroom

Balloon World codes do not have privacy settings. They are public for other members to see. You can view another person’s code by using r!smo [KINGDOM] @[MENTION]