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Arthur Arthur#0653
Yet another multipurpose bot with *some* original features.
Owner: Gymno Prefix: a.

Arthur is a multipurpose bot that does some things.

I suggest you join Arthur’s support server so that I (the developer) can feel popular and so that you (the amazing user) get some lovely entertainment. Oh yeah, update announcements (update when?) and support, too.
Like every other bot, using the help command will give you.. help. @Arthur help or to begin your amazing journey. Or something.
Feel free to suggest things; the suggest command allows you to suggest something and watch as it gets denied or put off (by me, in the support server) within a day of you suggesting it!

The default prefix is a., you can change it to anything you so desire with the prefix command. Go ham.

A more comprehensive list of features is as follows (in no particular order):

  • Random “fun” things (as fun as a text-based bot on Discord is going to get, at least)
    • Lenny command
    • Reverse text
    • Timing.. things.. wooh.. (stopwatch command) (I must’ve been bored, but some people find this useful I suppose)
  • Decent enough uptime, I think (at least 23/7, okay?)
  • MP3 command, allowing you to download YouTube videos (and Soundcloud songs soon™)
  • speaking of music, a Quite Well Made Music System (QWMM.. wait nevermind)
    • Play from YouTube, Soundcloud, my very small library of sound effects (suggest more please), a direct URL to a file, or even upload your own files
    • View a paginated queue
    • Like your favorite songs, and see what songs the other (probably inferior) humans like
    • Loop or shuffle the queue
    • Enjoy the developer’s promises that Spotify support will be implemented soon™
  • Majestic GUIs (and by this I mean nice looking embeds)
  • A fair amount of sass way too much sass
  • A fun lil’ leveling system
    • Paginated leaderboard
    • Stylish little XP command thingies
    • Global leaderboard, so you can observe how little of a life that person in first has (no offense, person in first)
  • A webshot command, so you can take photos of websites, wooh.
  • Random API things:
    • Get a cat, because we honestly need more cat pictures
    • Achieve a dog, if you’re one of those people (just kidding i love dogs and cats equally okay)
    • Ask the magical eight ball a question. Guaranteed 89.35% chance to work. Did you know that 73.29% of statistics are made up on the spot?
    • View some nice XKCD comics
    • Create a strawpoll because.. why not?
  • Enjoy a soon™ to be completed internationalization feature; use the bot in multiple languages.
  • A developer that says soon™ way too much
  • I know this was already covered, but tons of sass. Tons.
  • this part of the list used to say regular updates but I can’t honestly say that anymore.. semi-annual updates (perhaps more frequent if I find time, but I never find time)
  • Plenty more, folks

So yeah, go do it, go invite the thing.

Invite - Support - Trello - GitHub

Made with a small amount of love, a fair amount of passion, a decent amount of perseverance, and an annoyingly huge amount of sass by Gymnophoria. Please enjoy.