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Hotdog #5794
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Owners: floppyyy #9045 , Dwigoric #0838 Library:
A multipurpose Discord Bot, to moderation and entertainment, Hotdog is full of surprises
Owners: floppyyy #9045 , Dwigoric #0838 Prefix: > or @mention



A multipurpose Discord Bot, to moderation and entertainment, Hotdog is full of surprises

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What is Hotdog

Hotdog is not your typical Discord bot. It consists of user-friendly usage that makes it easier to use. This bot combines both simplicity and complexity. We give you a good time with your Discord experience while we work on the back to improve Hotdog to serve you better.


  • Easy to use. Enhances your Discord experience with your friends without giving away sophistication.
  • Configurable. See and turn Hotdog the way you want it.
    • Change its prefix - to avoid conflicts with other bots.
    • Disable commands - turn off some commands you do not like.
  • Moderation. Handle and manage your server effectively with simple but powerful commands, such as purge, warn, kick and more!
    • Manage users and/or roles that can use Hotdog’s moderation commands.
    • See who has the most offenses around your server.
  • Information. See specific data and statistics around your server like your members, channels, roles and more!
  • Music. Stream your favorite tracks and beats along with your friends in a voice channel, with easy-to-use controls, you can customize your music session!
    • Set DJ roles so you can have full control over the music and prevent naughty users interrupt that beat drop.
  • Tags. Save important texts and access them easily in your server!
  • Profiles. Have your own profile and add badges that you can show off to your friends!
  • Image creation/manipulation. Have the power to add your avatar (or someone’s avatar!) to create hilarious jokes and memes.
  • Almost no Downtime. Have a never-ending fun with Hotdog along with your friends!
  • Great support team. We answer your questions quick but understandable because we value your time. We’d like to hear your opinions too in order to improve Hotdog!