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ct! (configurable)
Owner: Ulti#6500 Library:
Comet is a multipurpose Discord bot, with regular updates and amazing features!
Owner: Ulti#6500 Prefix: ct! (configurable)

Comet - a multipurpose Discord bot

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Command List:

Command Description Usage Notes
8ball Ask the magical 8ball a question 8ball <question>
about Information about the bot about
ass Name is self-explanatory ass ๐Ÿ”žNSFW
balance Gets yours or another user's balance.
Leaving the user argument blank will show your balance
balance <optional: user>
boobs Name is self-explanatory boobs ๐Ÿ”žNSFW
cat Gets a random cat picture cat
chuck Sends a Chuck Norris joke chuck
daily Claim your daily tokens daily
fish Go fishing and earn tokens fish
give Gives another user a defined amount of tokens give <user>
help Get help for all the commands you have access to from the current message location,
or for a specific command
help <optional: command>
lmgtfy Sends a LMGTFY link lmgtfy <search term> Disabled
mylevel Show you your permission level for the current message location mylevel
ping Sends the current bot and API latency ping
quote Sends a random quote quote
reason Sets the reason for a moderation case reason <reason> Disabled
say Makes the bot say what you want it to say <message>
send Sends a message to bot support send <message>
set Changes the bot configuration for your server set <add/edit/del> <setting> <value>
stats Sends the bot statistics stats
suggest Sends a suggestion to the official bot server suggest <suggestion>
warn Gives a warning to a user and logs it warn <user> <optional: reason> Disabled
Created by Ulti#6500