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Used to be a robust music bot featuring music search (Youtube, Spotify, Twitch, Stream urls), user friendly, it proposes a set of useful commands.

Energize’s Discontinuation Notice

Fellow Energize users, before anything I would say that it has been a pleasure providing you with fun and entertainment during the past 3 years.

As of today it has become incredibly hard to maintain Energize, and the reasons lie in the services it is using. In fact recently the machine hosting Energize has been banned from using the YouTube service. This is the second time this happens. It is to be noted that a large part of the bot is relying on YouTube. In the same fashion SoundCloud keeps pushing updates that make it increasingly harder each time to patch Energize. So for obvious reasons this cannot keep going. Beginning now, the Energize bot account will cease to function.

However with a bit of work you can host Energize on your own machine, no coding is necessary to make it run. The steps will eventually be described here

If you are a developer and are familiar with the .NET stack, you can help me by contributing to the project (read; make Energize easily self-hostable). You can find most of the code on GitHub here.

Thank you for reading this through the end, and thank you again for the last 3 years of fun. Earu