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Owner: Earu#0001 Library:
A robust music bot featuring music search (Youtube, SoundCloud, Twitch, Stream urls), user friendly, it proposes a set of useful commands.

A robust easy-to-use music bot featuring Youtube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitch, Radios, Streams. Play a large range of streams and songs without using any commands and take advantage of the built-in Youtube autoplay feature as well as the range of radio we propose to have a unique experience.

Additional features:

  • Expose your friends greatest or worse messages thanks to the built-in hall of fame feature (see the “fame” command).
  • Clear the mess created by a new user or bots on your server thanks to one command! (see the “clear” command).
  • We all are naughty sometimes, check out the NSFW commands.
  • Protect your server from invite spammer thanks the checks made by Energize (see the “delinvs” command).
  • Interact with your friends thanks to the social set of commands (see the “help” command then navigate to the “Social” page).
  • Make 5 minutes votes thanks to the “vote” command!
  • Stay in touch with a developer willing to add new awesome features or improve the existing ones! (Use the “feedback” command or add me on Discord: Earu Arcana#9037).