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makubot #9644
mention, mb., nb.
Makusu2 #2222
I'm Makubot! I have a TON of image commands. Check me out.
Owner: Makusu2 #2222 Prefix: mention, mb., nb.

I have hundreds of community-driven image commands, and you can add more!

If you can think of an emotion, or a character, or a TV show, I probably have a command for it. Try mb.angry, mb.nao, or mb.f!

If I don’t have that command, you can add an image to it by using mb.addimage! Then my owner will approve the image, and it’ll get added to my collection!

  • mb.addimage: Requests an image be added.

  • mb.mycommands: Shows you all commands you’ve started!

  • mb.myimagecount: Shows you how many images you’ve added!

  • mb.bigten: Lists the ten biggest image commands!

  • mb.listreactions: Lists all my reactions

  • mb.randomimage: Sends a totally random image!

There’s way more commands; use to see them all!