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Amathy Amathy#1783
A music bot for everyone with some anime & RPG tints. Fast and easy to use. Modules: Media, fun, moderation, utility and more to come.
Owner: Magu Prefix: /

Hello, Amathy here!~

I’d like to be your new bot! I’m good at playing music and keeping you entertained. By using the Lavalink library, I am ready to play quality music. I have many fun commands, and new content is added monthly. To see my entire command list, use /help. Be patient with me as I am still under development. Join my support server any time you need help. Talk with @Magunama regarding contributions.


play - Searches and plays a song from a given query

seek - Seeks to a given position in a track

repeat - Repeats the current song until the command is invoked again

skip - Skips the current track


blush/cry/dance/kiss/pat/hug - Returns a gif with a certain action

dog/cat/bird/fox - Returns an image with an animal


kick - Kicks a user

ban - Bans a user

purge - Deletes a number of messages

welcome - Sets a welcome role/message

reactrole - Sets a reaction -> role system


daily - Get your daily coins!

betcoins - Be the gambler you always wanted to be!

buy - Buy an item from the shop.

define - Get information about a definition.

deflist - Read someone’s definitions.

wheel - Spin the Wheel of Fate!


help - Shows the help page

avatar - Returns a user’s avatar

bot info - Shows info about the bot

guild - Shows server info

top - Shows the top 10 users in different categories