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REYFM #9406
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Laennart #6876
With REYFM you can listen to over 15 unique music channels offered by REYFM with guaranteed fresh music only!
Owner: Laennart #6876 Prefix: - or custom


You and your friends often play games together on discord and you are missing just the right soundtrack to do so? Add the official REYFM Bot to your server and enjoy hours of fresh music only!

By listening to the REYFM Bot you will gain XP which let you climb levels. You can see your current progress by seeing your REYFM Profile (-profile).

You can always change the bot’s prefix by using -setprefix <prefix>. We also offer plenty of other possibilities to customize your REYFM Bot. Simply run -setup and we will guide you through all possibilities!

Our goal is to offer the best music and experience with the bot for you. Thanks for your support!

Here is a short overview over our commands:

  • -play <#channel> - Plays a channel.
  • -stop - Stop’s the playback.
  • -volume <0-150> - Changes the volume of the playback.
  • -profile - Shows your REYFM-Profile.
  • -leaderboard - Shows the current leaderboard.

More commands available by running -help!