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Owners: PsyKo ☾#2586, OniX#5186 Library:
A multifunctional Discord Bot providing moderation, fun, utilities commands and others..
Owners: PsyKo ☾#2586, OniX#5186 Prefix: u!


UniX is a powerful, configurable and multipurpose Discord bot, made using the discord.js library for the Discord API.

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This bot is available in french and english for the moment. If the bot doesn't responds to the help command please allow him to attach files and send embed links, if the problem persist kick him from the server and invite him by this link click here.



  • configuration: Show the bot configuration on your server. | Alias: config
  • event: Simulate some events provided by UniX.
  • set-channel: Set the required channels for some actions.
  • set-language: Set the bot language.
  • set-role: Set required roles for some actions.


  • addrole: Add a role to a server member.
  • ban: Ban a server member with a reason.
  • kick: Kick a server member with a reason.
  • unban: Remove an user ban.


  • 8ball: Asks your question to the Magic 8 Ball.
  • advice: Responds with a random advice.
  • baka: Say "baka" to an other member.
  • cat-faces: Responds with a random cat face.
  • coolness: Determines an user's coolness.
  • cow: Responds with a random cow ASCII text.
  • cow-say: Makes a cow say your text.
  • dadjoke: Responds with a random dadjoke.
  • deepquotes: Responds with da random deepquote.
  • emojify: Converts text to emoji form.
  • faces: Responds with a random ASCII face.
  • fml: Responds with a random fuck my life story.
  • givecandy: Give a virtual candy to another player.
  • hug: Hug an user.
  • kiss: Kiss an user.
  • pat: Pat an user.
  • poke: Poke an user.
  • reverse: Reverse text like sᴉɥʇ.
  • rps: Play Rock-Paper-Scissors.


  • achievement
  • batslap
  • beautiful
  • bobross
  • blurple
  • bunny
  • cat
  • circle
  • color
  • challenger
  • contrast
  • crush
  • distort
  • dog
  • facepalm
  • fanslap
  • fox
  • grayscale
  • glitch
  • invert
  • meme
  • painting
  • pixelate
  • punch
  • rejected
  • respect
  • stepped
  • tattoo
  • waifu
  • wanted
  • wasted
  • wreckit


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The bot is licensed under the MIT license. See the file LICENSE for more