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_ (Customizable)
Owner: Dastamn#5810 Library:
A multipurpose fun discord bot with music, moderation, utility commands and much more !
Owner: Dastamn#5810 Prefix: _ (Customizable)

Hi there ! My name is Alice, I’m a discord bot that aims to make your guild a better place !

My defaul prefix is _ but you can change it at any time using _pref <new prefix> (mention me if you forget it)

To see my command list use _help, you can also see them grouped by category using _help <category> To see a full description of a command with its syntax use _help <command>

You can manage your guild using my moderation commands :

  • Enable my warning system using _enablewarnings
  • Make me ignore a certain role using _ignorerole <role name>
  • Set an autorole using _autorole <role name>
  • Set a welcome message using _welcome
  • Kick, ban, mute using _kick <member> [reason] _ban <member> [reason] _mute <member>

To use my level system you need to register using _register

  • Change your description using _setdescription <description>
  • Change your color using _setcolor <color>
  • Get your daily credits using _daily
  • You can buy posters to customise your profile using _posters
  • Set your new poster using _myposters
  • Change your profile card theme using _theme <dark|light>
  • You can also buy nekos using _neko and see your collection with _mynekos

Use my commands to get more XP, you can also vote for me HERE to get 200¥ !

I’ve got a bunch of music commands that you can see using _help music

  • Use _play <url|title> to play a song
  • Use _skip [position]to skip
  • Use _qto see the queue, _qcto clear it and _qsto shuffle it
  • Use _psave <playlist name>to save your queue in a playlist and _pload <playlist name>to play it
  • You can use diffrent commands to manage your playlists like _prename _padd _pimport _pdelete
  • And a lot more…

With my Anime/Manga commands you can :

  • Search for a given anime using _anime <search>
  • Search for a given manga using _manga <search>
  • Search for an anime character using _character <search>
  • Link you MyAnimeList and track your stats using _mal

You can also :

  • Set reminders using _remindme <message> in <time>
  • Get notified when members are online using _notify <@member>
  • Translate text using _trans <from>-<to> <text>
  • Detect programming languages using _prog <code>
  • Google search with _google <search>and image search with _img <search>
  • Movie search with _movie <search>and series search with _series <search>
  • And much more !

Need additional help or want to report a bug ? Feel free to join Tōtsuki my support server !