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MythBot Radio #8316
m! || Customizable
JoKeR #0001
💎MythBot Radio™, one of the few unique music bots. Fully user-supported, with over 30+ Radio Stations from all over
Owner: JoKeR #0001 Prefix: m! || Customizable

MythBot Radio

We bring you 30+ live radio stations within discord for every to listen to for free. Join our discord for more updates and news.

General Commands:

Command Usage Aliases Example
m!Invite Invite Mythbot Radio # m!invite
m!Stations Shows current available Radio Stations # m!statons
m!Donate Show your support to Mythbot Radio # m!donate
m!Shards Shows you shard information within your server # m!shards
m!Stats Shows you stats on Mythbot Radio # m!stats
m!Ping See Mythbot Radio's Ping # m!ping
m!Votes See Mythbot Radios recent votes # m!votes
m!Discord Check Discord current server stats # m!discord
m!Userinfo See a users discord information # m!userinfo @joker
m!Serverinfo See discord server information # m!serverinfo
m!rc Generate a random #HEX Color # m!rc

Music Commands:

Command Usage Aliases Example
m!Radio Show all Mythbot Radio, Radio Station m!radio # m!radio 30
m!Leave Force MythBot Radio To Leave Current Voice Channel # m!leave
m!Audio Change The Current Volume Of Mythbot Radio m!audio # m!audio 50
m!Join Places bot into the channel but does nothing # m!join

Moderator Commands:

Command Usage Aliases Example
m!Prefix Set a custom prefix for your server # m!prefix m!
m!Clear Bulk delete messages # m!clear 10

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