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Banana Bot #6112
Micotsu #2907
8D AUDIO!! Multipurpose bot with over 300 commands and has features like moderation 🚨, image manipulation 🖼 and music 🎶!

✨Banana Bot✨
We have everything from moderation to legos!

Image Manipulation!


Music player with filters!

Advanced Chatbot!

Advanced Logs!

Example Commands

• antiraid (prevent your server from raiders)
• bassboost (give your songs extra bass)
• 8d (make your songs surround you, literally
• lego (turn your images to legos)
• talk (talk to the bot!)
• rrsetup (make your members give themselves roles)
We also have much more commands so be sure to check them out!

More Info

We have made a promise to our community that the bot will never be p2w or anything similar.
The bot has been in developement since 2017 so don't be afraid that we're going to leave you!
If you have any suggestions or found a bug, join the support server and tell us!
Support Server

You can also edit your settings easily at our new dashboard!
Dashboard & Website