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Abaddon #0962
NiiRσ #1337
Music & Playlist | Twitch, YouTube & Twitter announces | Leveling | Reaction role | Custom commands | Giveaway | Utility | Meme and more!

Hey, Abaddon is a multi-purpose bot made with love β™₯.

It's a bot developed recently , contains ~200 commands such as:

β€’ Moderation
β€’ Utility*
β€’ Fun
β€’ Images
β€’ Meme generation
β€’ Music
β€’ Leveling
β€’ Economy
β€’ Twitch, YouTube, Twitter announcements

β€’ Member count
β€’ Reaction role
β€’ Custom commands
β€’ Giveaway
β€’ Logs

And many more to come !

*Manage : Auto role, prefix, welcome/goodbye message , leveling, custom commands ect..

To see the list of commands, you can view de documentation or simply use !help

The bot is in constant development so feel free to make suggestions :)