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zb (configurable)
Owner: zneix#4433 Library:
Utility, Moderation, Fun/Misc, Convertions, Calculations
Owner: zneix#4433 Prefix: zb (configurable)

zneixbot - utility bot with slight moderation features included and quite few fun commands (made by IT nerd with ❤️).

Main useful features

  • make-your-life-easier:
    • fast emote adding / showcasing
    • convertions of: colors, dns records, discord snowflakes, temperatures, 25+ currencies, etc…
    • basic inforamtion-fetching for Discord objects (such as users, servers, avatars, icons, etc…)
    • math calculations
  • moderation stuff:
    • basic kick / ban commands with optional reason (supports IDs)
    • ban check / unban of certain ID
    • message cleanup
    • quick region change (useful when discord outages occur)
  • fun/misc:
    • quite few rng-based commands (8ball, plain rng, %-chance, coinflip)
    • rubik’s cube scrambles
    • image squish (just like emote modification of Twitch)
    • wednesday check, my dude
    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    • yearprogress
Note: There are some aliases for several commands, use help command for more information.

(New!) Dynamic server config via config command

That new feature set includes:

  • customizable prefix
  • setting up plain, embed-based logging system
  • 100% configurable self-assign role system

Used libraries:

Planned to do in near future:

  • Music Module
  • Random Image lookup command
  • auto-role thing for moderation, partly done!
  • Steam API communication
  • warning, feedback, support system via commands

Awesome people who helped a lot:
  • EinLiftedSoul#4461 (coder, co-owner)
  • Heryin#0695 (debugger, feedback provider, adviser)
  • Shooterism#3767 (‘personal stackoverflow’)
  • Alexou !#0238 (adviser)
  • Asheki#3972 (adviser)