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FMcord #8600
Kometh #2793
A Discord bot with various utilities.


FMCord is a Discord bot with a large variety of related utilities and commands. Currently, the bot can:

  • Create varying album charts
  • Tell you what artists you have in similar with other users
  • Tell who has the most plays of a certain artist
  • Show you what artists you have the most listens of in a server
  • Give you the number of tracks you have played in last 24h hours
  • Fetch searched tracks from YouTube
  • Show the current song(s) you’re playing
  • Create a crown hierarchy system in your server
  • Show you a list of your favorite artists/songs Other minor commands exist as well, and more are being planned

FMCord also has small moderation support which allows admins/mods to disable certain commands on a channel or whole server. Get started by typing &help –manual!

FMCord is written in a Javascript language. The libraries for development used are:

Want to report an issue/bug? Head over to “Issues” tab and submit one, or join an official FMCord Discord Server and ask your questions there.

You can invite the bot to your Discord server with this link.