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Cautious Memory#9597
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A community wiki for your server
Owner: lambda#0987 Prefix: cm/

Cautious Memory

A bot that lets you set up wiki pages for your server. Wiki pages are like "tags" from other bots but editable by everyone and owned by no-one. You could use them to document your community lore, or make a "who's who" of your server. The sky's the limit!


  • cm/create <title> <content> — creates a new wiki page
  • cm/edit <title> <content> — edits an existing wiki page
  • cm/show <title> — shows the contents of a page
  • cm/history <title> — shows when the page was revised, use cm/diff to view the changes between two specific revisions
  • cm/rename <old title> <new title> — renames a page
  • cm/search <query> — searches for pages with titles similar to your query
  • cm/alias <new title> <old title> — creates a page alias that points to another page
  • cm/stats [title] — shows page statistics (such as usage and revision count) for the whole server or a specific page
  • cm/watch <title> — watches a page. You will be notified when it is edited or deleted.
  • cm/unwatch <tilte> — removes a page from your watch list.
  • cm/watch-list — shows you your watch list.

Permissions commands

Cautious Memory features a permissions system similar to Discord’s, with role permissions and page-specific permission overwrite support. Run cm/help Wiki Permissions for an introduction and list of commands.