The HQ bot allows you to get statistics about the game, such as your own stats (wins / total plays), when the next game is, and more!

Note: This is the same old HQ Trivia bot you know and love, but since it got deleted, here we go again!

Getting your own stats

Type hq, user [name] and get a simple stat list!

For example:

hq, user chewsterchew will return


Getting the next game

Simply type hq, nextgame to see when the next game is.


Add an argument (us|uk|de|au) to find other region's next game time!

Getting the leaderboards

Type hq, leaderboard to find weekly leaderboard.

Example response:


Add an "all" argument to see all time rankings.


Making a Bot Profile

Type hq, profile to create your own bot profile! (Not to be confused with making an account on the game)


To set your username, type hq, set username (username), now, when you do hq, user without arguments, it will return your own stats!

To do the same with region, type hq, set region (us|uk|de|au), now when you do hq, next without argument, it will return games for your region!

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