Quit the hassle with all of your different bots. CRBT does it all in a simple but powerful solution that's easy to set up.


The Discord companion made for you.

CRBT aims to replace most of the bots you have in one modern and convienient experience, from getting user data, to creating polls and role selector menus. Here are a few examples of commands CRBT has in store.

Info commands

  • /emoji info
  • /server info
  • /activity - Start an activity on a voice channel, including Watch Together, Letter Tile or Poker Night!
  • /user pfp
  • /define - Looks up english words on the dictionary. …and way more!!

Utility commands

  • /calc
  • /translate
  • /pick - Picks a random item from a given list.
  • /rng - Picks a number at random from a given range.

Webhook and fun commands

  • /animal
  • /lenny
  • /8ball
  • /reverse
  • /shout


You can change some of CRBT’s settings, to make it yours and change your experience!

  • /color set - Changes CRBT’s accent color, shown in its embeds (and profiles, soon) and more coming soon!

And more coming soon!!

CRBT is being remade progressively, so many previous commands are missing for now, but we’ll make sure to add as much as possible!