With the help of the bot, task management on your server is child's play. You can give specific users or groups of users tasks.


In the following, all commands are shown in a table. Parameters are always between “<” and “>”. If the name of the parameter is capitalized, this is a free value that is not in the command description. If the name is in lower case, there is a choice of parameters.


Command Example
group create <GROUPNAME> -group create Mods
group add @NUTZER <GROUPNAME> -group add @EnderLPs#0000 Mods
group remove @NUTZER <GROUPNAME> -group remove @EnderLPs#0000 Mods
group delete <GRUPPENNAME> -group delete Mods
group list -group list


Command Example
task add @NUTZER <TASK> -task add @EnderLPs#0000 Entwicklung abschließen
task add <GROUPNAME> <TASK> -task add Mods Nutzern helfen
task proceed <group/user> <TASK-ID> -task proceed group 12345678
task deadline <group/user> <TASK-ID> <DATE> <TIME> -task deadline group 12345678 01.01.2020 12:00
task list <@USER/GROUPNAME> -task list Mods
task delete <group/user> <TASK-ID> -task delete group 12345678


Command Example
token -token
token new -token new


Command Example
help -help
support -support
stats -stats
language -language