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Owner: chaladni#8812 Library:
Look up information quickly, within Discord : Import, index, edit and search your csv, data, items and faqs ... fast !

Features at a glance :

  • easily create and store your own embeds
  • find information fast - everything is indexed
  • organise your information into lists [ aka buckets ]
  • import lots of items from a csv file
  • restrict edit access to a role
  • work fast : geeky command line syntax with shortcuts

The data swiss-army-knife :

  • items can have - title, url, thumb, image, description + other fields
  • define your own game cards, then pick a random one with fb?rand
  • add and edit new items easily
  • changes are automatically re-indexed for fast lookup by keyword
  • no need to write a custom bot to store basic information !

Getting started :

  • try commands on our support server
  • we imported a few thousand books you can search !
  • useful commands : fb?info fb?help fb?commands fb?tutorial
  • easily change prefix with fb?prefix xyz
  • want a feature : tell us with fb?suggest

Website :