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CavenBot #3674
Teddy Bear Inc™ #1525
Custom Library
CavenBot is a general-purpose bot made to suit most, if not all, your needs. It has moderation commands, music commands, and more! It is constantly growing too.


  • Moderation Commands

    • Moderate your server with audit log messages, customizable welcome messages and your basic moderation needs
  • Reminders

    • Need something to remember? Well, use m?remind add to add a reminder for yourself. You can view all reminders with m?remind view NOTE: It currently won’t automatically remind you to save on polling the database.
  • Role Reactions

    • Want custom role reactions in your server? CavenBot has you covered. It can even create toggles for roles on the same message, so if you want a toggle role like “DM me” or “Don’t DM me” you can easily do it. Use m?reactrole help to get started.
  • Message Passing

    • Have an anonymous messaging channel? Or maybe you want to use the bot for sending official messages? Well DM the bot with m?send <channelID> message to send an anonymous message.