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Moderation | Automation | Auto Roles | Leveling | Reaction Roles | Memes | Reminders | Giveaways | Statistics | Gifs/Roleplay (hug, kiss etc.) | Starboard & More, Eli the fast, fun & cute bot for you!
Owners: Bleep Bloop#2817, Emily#7542 Prefix: eli, e!, customizable
A preview of the moderation section


Eli has simple yet powerful moderation commands to keep your server in check while not giving your staff too much power.

With the proper setup you can see all executed moderation commands and force your staff to moderate through Eli instead of default Discord perms

See how you can do that by looking into the modrole srmodrole & adminrole commands!

A preview of the automation section


Ever got tired of the basic ugly looking welcome message discord sends whenever some joins the server? Or maybe also log joins and leaves in a seperate channel?

Or have you ever thought that the message discord sends for boosting a server is so underwhelming you might as well just disable it?

Eli solves all of those problems. In Eli's automation section you can find everything you need to make amazing looking welcome messages and boost notifications to make your server a prettier than others!

A preview of the reaction roles section

Reaction Roles

Eli has some of the easiest and prettiest reaction roles on all of discord. Use the easy set up from eli rr create or turn any message into a reaction role menu with eli rr addrole [message ID] [Emote] [Role].

Find out more about how you can make and edit existing reaction role menus at the Commands List

A preview of the leveling section


Eli has a very powerful yet free leveling system! Users gain experience for talking and level up after gaining enough experience. You can configure every aspect of it like xpgain, which roles Eli should give for reaching a certain level and how those roles are assigned.

Check your levels with eli rank and eli profile or see where you rank in the server or global leaderboards with eli leaderboard (global)

Gifs & Roleplay

With over 50 commands, going from hugging, cuddling & patting to biting & shooting others, Eli has the widest variety of roleplay commands of all Discord bots!

Eli tracks how many times you've preformed an action or had it happen to you so you can see exactly how many times you've hugged others or got shot in the head.

On top of that she uses an algorythm to send them in a randomized order while never sending the same gif twice! This all to ensure the best experience for your members.