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OKAI #9664
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Owners: DMax #3317 , unknown #0000 Library:
Animojis | Level System | Role by Reaction | Music | Gif | Memes
Owners: DMax #3317 , unknown #0000 Prefix: / (customizable)


Welcome to OKAI Bot page

Our bot has next features:


When the erver member without nitro sends animated emoji from this server, his message deletes and sends the new with rendered emoji


When a member or bot joins your server, it gets the role specified for the its type

[Level System]

If enabled, when user will send message, he’ll get xp for it

You can add/remove/set user level add ignore roles/channels, change cooldown to get next xp, add role reward by getting some level, set channel for level up messages (DM by default) and finally reset user(s) xp/level settings

[Role by reaction]

/rolebyreact [message id/ur] [emoji] [@role] — bot adds reaction and when member adds it too, he gets the specified role

/maxrolesbyreact [message id/url] [max roles/reactions (0 for any)] — sets max number of roles, that member can get from this message


Just simple music commands:

/play /add /pause /resume /next /prev /join /leave /queue /current /loop

When bot leaves channel, a queue clears


Simple commands to send gif with cat, dog or anime


Gets random meme from r/dankmemes and random animeme from r/animemes


/osu user [username] — shows info about user

/osu best [username] — shows best played maps of user

/osu recent [username] — shows recent played map of user //temporary disabled

In the future we will implement:
[Web Dashboard]

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