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Owner: Koding#0001 Library:
Profile customization, searching, utilities, currency, moderation, info, reputation, lyrics search, anime lookup, HasteBin uploader and more, all in one place. Welcome to Lunar.
Owner: Koding#0001 Prefix: lunar


Lunar is a multipurpose Discord bot, build to be a robust and all-in-one tool to help manage your Discord server with ease. We strive to achieve maximum uptime across all instances, and with an active set of talented developers, new features are getting added all the time!

To get started, invite Lunar and run lunar help to learn more.



Configure and customize your profile to your liking. With bio, gender, location and occupations synced globally, finding more about someone is easy! Also featuring reputation and currency commands, you can easily ensure the authenticity of any user.


Ever had the thought that the moderation commands in other bots sucks? We designed our moderation commands to be simple, but powerful! We’re developing new features around moderation all the time, and hope to make Lunar the most powerful moderation bot on the scene.


Ever wondered what the lyrics for that song is? Lunar got you covered! Want info about a specific GitHub user? Lunar got that covered as well! We want to make your life easier by allowing you to fetch info from within your Discord.

And more to come!

The Lunar team is constantly developing and innovating upon new features.