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Owners: Sanket#8952, Kartik#0928 Library:
Tommy is a multipurpose meme, welcomer ,logs ,moderation bot!
Owners: Sanket#8952, Kartik#0928 Prefix: + (Customizable)

Mod Commands

voicekick [member] voicekick someone

kick [reason] kick someone

ban [reason] ban someone

clear [limit=1] purge chat

warn [reason] warn someone

unban [reason] A command which unbans a given user

lockdown [channel] lock and unlock a channel

Infos Commands

userinfo display user stats

serverinfo display guild stats

botinfo display bot stats

Settings Commands

disable Disable a command in your server.

enable Enable a command for the server.

welcomer check your welcomer settings

wcmessage set welcome message for your server you can use variables also : {membercount} this tells total no.of members {user} this mentions the user

wcchannel set your welcome channel

leavechannel set your leave channel

leavemessage set your leave message

logchannel set your log channel

muterole set your mute role

custombanner set your custom welcome banner

settings check your guild settings

Anime Commands

poke [user] Poke someone..

baka Random anime picture of BAKA.

cuddle [user] Cuddle with someone..

kiss [user] kiss someone

hug [user] hug someone

pat [user] pat someone

tickle [user] tickle someone

weeb Get random pics for weeb

smug Get a random pic of smug anime

waifu Why not get yourself a waifu?

wallpaper [user] anime wallpaper

neko Get a random neko

nsfw [name] send nsfw gifs and images.

slap [user] slap someone

Channels Commands

channelstats [channel] Sends a nice fancy embed with some channel stats

new create new channels and categories

delete Delete channels and categories

Covid Commands

covid show stats about covid-19

Fun Commands


text as pornhub logo

mimic Say something like someone else

hello sirf hi hello bolta bot

pp [user] Says the size of your penis

trump Ask Trump your own question.

hack [member] Hack somebody

say Sends the message you wrote

base64 Encode and decode base64 Text time to annoy your friends with encoded text.

fact tells a random fact about some animals

Fun Commands

coinflip flips a coin

ascii ascii text banners

reverse reverses text

quote Random quotes

spotify [user] shows detail of a song user is listening to

slot Roll the slot machine

define [args…] tells definition of a word

movie gives info about a movie

colour [colour] View the colour HEX details

password [nbytes=8] generates a random pass

rate Rates what you desire

howhot [user] tells how hot are you

beer [user] [reason] Give someone a beer!

8b Consult 8ball to receive an answer

Meme Commands

brazzers [member] Add the Brazzers logo to profile pic

leftist [member] add marxist flag to your profile

deepfry [member] deepfries your pfp

imdelete [member] delete this meme

disability [member] not all disabilities look like you

door [member] door meme manipulation

failure [member] are you a failure?

gay [member] Show your gay pride!

bjp [member] command for bjp fan

beautiful [user] tell everyone how beautiful they are

neta [user] congratulations for joining bjp

pooja [user] what is this behaviour?

worthless [user] tell everyone how worthless they are

notshow i may not show it but …

nadarre You can add text on nadarre meme template

scroll the scroll of truth

didyoumean just another meme

airpods [user] get yourself cheapo airpods

drift [user] drifiting template

sehwag add text to sehwag meme

banner [user] check how your custom banner looks

wholesome add hearts on your pfp

discord create fake ss of your friends saying dumb stuff

rip [user] puts you in the grave

affect it wont affect my baby

always [text] always has been

fc [user3] friendship cancel

batslap [user2] batslap someone

Misc Commands

modsonline Check which mods are online on current guild

avatar [member] Get the avatar of you or someone else

zomato display top 5 restaurants in your city

joindate [user] Check when a user joined the current server

invite Invite me to your server

nitro giving away 100 nitros

supportserver Get an invite to our support server!

qr convert text into qrcode

createpoll start a poll

insta Check out your/someone else’s Insta

dpbattle [user2] discord dp battle

changemymind try to change my mind

welcomecard [user] check how your welcome card looks like

tt tweet as Trump.

kanna Show a message as Kanna.

clyde See a message in Clyde-style.

jankaari [user] gives jankaari about you on nice bg

ship [members…] Create a ship between two (or more) members.

copy-pasta sends you material to copy

verify verify yourself

yt send you top result of youtube search

ping Checks the bot’s ping!

uptime check bot uptime

template Send us meme templates

feedback Gives feedback about the bot.