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Free Games Bot #5261
Tinyy #3205
The best free games coming to your server in style and fashion. With settings from ping roles to languages we have it all.

When a new game is detected in the list of stores below the bot will send an automatic message containing the game(s) that it has found. Unlike other bots you have to use another bot to create a message to get the ping role, but this bot is unique and has a built in feature for this.

Currently we support the following stores

-Epic Games -Gog


/fg channel - Sets the notifications channel /fg role - Sets the ping role for the bot /fg config - Shows the current configuration for the bot /create buttonroles - Creates a reaction role for your ping role if one is set /fg force - Forces and announcement for a specific game /fg show - Shows a list of current free games /help - Shows the help message for information on the bot /ping - Shows the current latency of the bot /setup - List of all of the commands and how to setup the bot /uptime - Shows the bots uptime /invite - Invite link for the bot

Website: API - API Docs - API GitHub -

For any questions or concerns please join our discord server