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Monster Taming RPG #2534
Owner: Ley #5165 Library:
A text-based RPG game where you can explore, tame, and hunt a variety of monsters with other players.
Owner: Ley #5165 Prefix: p.

An RPG game focusing on hunting and taming monsters. Current features include:

  1. Solo and coop battles
  2. Randomized monster spawns based on message count
  3. Multiple maps to explore
  4. Item shops, pet shops, and traveling merchants
  5. Challenging raid bosses with a battle system that requires teamwork for optimal results.

p.setprefix -> customize your own prefix! -> List of current commands
p.thischannel -> Choose a spawn channel. MUST be done in order to have spawns!
p.start -> Start the game.
p.tutorial -> For extra guidance.

Bot is still in development and many new features are in the process of being implemented!