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Ensō~Chan is a multi-purpose bot focused on catering to the anime community! You can look at Waifus/Husbandos/Airing Anime! Log Events/Send Mail To Staff! And much much more!


Welcome to my passion project over quarantine! :P

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(Disclaimer: Please remember that this bot is in active development so it can and will be unstable at times!!)

Main Features

Integration with MyWaifuList!!

The main use is to able to retrieve information on any waifu/anime you desire. Ensō~Chan enables you do that with a wide range of commands at your disposal


| Command | Description | Usage | Aliases | |:——-: |:——————————————–: |:—————: |:—————-: | | anime | Display’s the current airing season of anime | .airing anime | shows \ series | | best | Get the best waifu’s of the season | .airing best | - | | popular | Get the most popular waifu’s of this season | .airing popular | pop | | trash | Get the worst waifu’s of this season | .airing trash | worst \ garbage |


| Command | Description | Usage | Aliases | |:——-: |:————————————: |:————-: |:——-: | | daily | Get the daily waifu from MyWaifuList | .waifu daily | - | | random | Get a random waifu from MyWaifuList | .waifu random | rnd |


| Command | Description | Usage | Aliases | |:——-: |:———————————————-: |:————————-: |:————–: | | anime | Get detailed information about an anime series | .anime (MWLAnimeID) | show \ series | | waifu | Get all the waifu’s of the given anime series | .anime waifu (MWLAnimeID) | - |


| Command | Description | Usage | Aliases | |:————-: |:——————————————————: |:—————————: |:——-: | | detailedwaifu | Get detailed information about a waifu (ID Only) | .detailedwaifu (MWLWaifuID) | dwaifu | | search | Search the entire website (Anime\Waifu’s\Husbando’s) | .search (waifu/anime) | lookup | | profile | Get the MWL profile of the user requested | .profile (MWLUserID) | user |

More commands to come! View some examples here!

Other Features

The features currently are as listed below:

  • Moderation Commands! (Kick/Ban/Mute/Purge etc)
  • Marriage Commands! (Marry/Divorce etc)
  • Interactive Commands! (Kiss/Cuddle/Hug/Slap/Kill etc)
  • Information Commands! (Server/User/Channel etc)
  • Modlogs System! (Logging Kicks/Bans/Mutes/Purges etc)
  • Fully Integrated Modmail System! (Sending Mail To Staff)
  • Starboard System! (Allow messages to be starred for everyone to see!)
  • And many more commands!
Modmail System

The modmail system allows for users to send modmail to the moderators of the server. Once it has been setup, the bot will used a ticket based system to create and delete channels for the user to send mail within.

Modlogs System

The modlogs system allows for the bot to log events happening to the server, this can include kicks/bans/purges/mutes events and I’m planning to add more soon.

With much more to come in the future! I hope this little bot can have a place in your heart!

Please contact me on discord if you are interested in helping me with the development of this bot. It would be much appreciated and I’m always looking for other like-minded programmers!

I would also like to credit my amazing friend byfok#1665 who beautifully crafted the design for Ensō~Chan (Shown Below). Please go give her a follow on twitter where she will be posting more often!

Ensō Server

A warm welcome from our small but growing community of Ensō.

Looking for a server that peaks your interests such as Art, Anime, Gaming/Streaming or simply hanging out with members? Then if so, this is a perfect community for you.

We are a sort of Indie/Aesthetic community, we all share our different interests in music or in many things we have in common, we respect all beliefs and/or orientations such as LGBTQ+ and more, we do NOT tolerate any sort of discrimination including Sexual/Racial/Religious, all members are treated equally. This is a chill community with awesome talented members, keep that in mind!

There are a variety of roles you are introduced to the more active you are on the server, in minimal occasions we host events or moderator applications, we strive to make our ambience better for each and every individual, so feel free to join in the fun in Ensō!

Please join our server!

Support Server

Make sure you join the support server for any help that you may need!