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zeus~ #1737
Owner: rikai #0628 Library:
A cool multipurpose bot with Fun, Roleplay, Moderation, Image manipulation and a lot more!


General embed, info, help, invite, lenny, ping, bug, snipe, timer, uptime

Utility avatar, botinfo, channelinfo, channels, emoji, emoji-id, first-msg, guild-invite, permissions, roleinfo, servericon, serverinfo, userinfo

Searches anime, book, character, country, github, imdb, manga, npm, playstore, pokemon, recipe, steam, urban, weather, ytchannel, ytsearch

Fun 8ball, catfacts, choose, hack, howgay, kill, pp, quote, rate, roast, ship, simp

Games coinflip, dice, minesweeper, rps

Roleplay bite, bonk, boop, bully, cuddle, feed, highfive, hug, kiss, lick, pat, poke, punch, slap, spank, tickle

Images achievement, be-like-bill, beautiful, blur, changemymind, fire, invert, pet, rip, steam-status, trigger, wasted

Text Editing ascii, binary, emojify, owo, pig-latin, reverse, superscript, temmie, txt, upside-down

Moderations ban, kick, modlogs, mute, purge, setnick, slowmode, unmute, warn

Administration addemoji, roleall+, announce, blacklist, cloneemoji, create-channel, create-role, delete-channel, delete-role, dm, findemoji, roleall-, reset-logs, role, say

Configuration cmdlogs, setgreet, setgreetmsg, prefix