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Emoji Bot #4587
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Don't have nitro? Well this bot is what you need! We can't change your avatar or your discriminator but we can help you use animated emojis!

This is a very simple bot that allows you to react to messages with animated and non-animated emojis.

To react to a specific message do --react <emoji name found in --emojis> <message id>

To react to the previous message just do --react <emoji name found in --emojis>

To send a message with the emoji just do --send <emoji name found in --emojis>

To create an emoji from a url do --ce <emoji name> <image url>

Join our support server for more help/info!

Wonder why we need all of the permissions?

Here’s a handy explanation:

Manage emojis: To create emojis, don’t worry we can’t delete emojis!

View channels: So we can see the channels, if we couldn’t we couldn’t offer the ability to do what we do!

Send messages: So we can send messages via the –send command

Manage messages: So we can delete the commands, it looks way better when there is no ugly command in the way!

Embed links: Some of our messages are in embeds, without this we wouldn’t be able to send those messages!

Read message history: this is just a helpful thing to have, it might have a use in the future!

Use external emojis: without this we wouldn’t be able to do what we do at all, 99.99% of this bot uses external emojis

Add reactions: so we can add reactions via the –react command

Remember: You can click the ticks to unselect a permission if you don’t want us to have it!