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Yukino is an advanced anime bot with features like anime search, fun commands, anime & hentai pics, music and much more.

Konnichiwa, I am Yukino, I am a bit perverted teenager who loves anime and Iโ€™d like to share my interests with you.

Yukino is an advanced anime bot with features like: Anime search, Anime info, Random anime pictures, Random hentai pictures, etc.

How to get started:

  1. Invite Yukino to your server
  2. Type /help to get help from Yukino

Current commands:

  • y!search: Search for an anime or hentai title and Yukino will tell all the information you need about it.
  • y!anime: Yukino will search the web and return random pictures of the anime(This system works with anime-ids, you can find the id of your anime using y!search)
  • y!help: Yukino will help you communicate with her.
  • y!ratewaifu: Yukino will rate the given user 1/10 of how good of a waifu he or she is.
  • y!hentai: Yukino will share her library of hentai with you and return a random picture(Only works in nsfw channels)
  • y!sweaty: Yukino will share a random pictures of sweaty girls anime with you(Only works in nsfw channels)
  • y!ping: Yukino will measure how much delay is present in the connection.
  • y!sticker: Yukino will give you a random anime gif
  • y!animegif: Yukino will give you a random anime gif
  • y!hug: With hug you can hug someone from the server and make he or she happy
  • y!neko: Yukino will give you a safe for work picture of a neko(catgirl)
  • y!lewdneko: Yukino will give you a not safe for work picture of a neko(catgirl)
  • y!nekogif: Yukino will give you a not safe for work moving image of a neko(catgirl)
  • y!play: This command will resume the music or add the given song to the music queue and join the voice channel
  • y!pause: This command will pause the music
  • y!skip: This command will skip the currently playing song and play the next one in the queue
  • y!leave: Yukino will stop the music and leave the current voice channel


  • The neko function has gone safe for work and is now under the anime section in the help command!
  • The previous neko function has been replaced by lewdneko and is nsfw
  • Added nekogif to have a moving nsfw nekogif
  • Added music commands to play music while calling with friends

Yukino can enhance your server by delivering high quality anime & hentai pictures and fun commands. Yukino is designed to help the growth of your server by entertaining them and keeping them active so they wonโ€™t leave.

Yukino is a very recent anime bot developed by the BitBiz dev team as a side project. The name and picture are based on a character from the anime Nagasarete Airantou(2007).