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Adora 박수현 (a!help) #3323
Owner: Kyler #9100 Library:
K-pop bot! Streaming statistics, music charts, auto-blacklist ban!

Adora Bot

Adora bot is a general purpose bot aimed at Kpop Discord Servers. You can add it to your server by using this link:

The current features include:

  • Displaying the current YouTube View / Live & Dislike / Comment count in a discord embed YtStats Command Example with Dyanmite BTS music Video
  • Displaying live Billboard Poll scores and vote links

Screenshot from 2021-03-06 20-29-30

  • a!autoban Automatically bans user accounts known for raiding, racism, lgbtq+phobia, disruption of servers based on ban list reports. No extra configuration required, just a!autoban on and go!

Autoban turning on

Features in development:

  • Graphing out Youtube and Spotify view counts into embeds with changable time
  • Billboard, Gaon, and other music chart ranking into embeds
  • Updating show times for bands / acts
  • Upcoming release times for subscribed kpop acts
  • Browsable directory of birthdays and anniverseries, subscribe to events in advance
  • Webhook subscriptions for Twitter, Weverse, YouTube and other subscribed to data streams from artists and labels
  • Reaction roles and moderation features
  • Member profiles / birthday / other information directory
  • Logging, anti-raid, verification, anti-spam, and small to large community safety features
  • Autoresponders, embeds, auto-react
  • Switching from storing everything in json to a highly compressed database in Cassandra, mapping CQL, creating a cluster and enabling the bot to be run off sharding

This bot is in beta, if you would like to contribute, open up an issue or Pull Request!