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Robo VJ #2919
?,! (Customisable)
VJ #5945
Multipurpose bot with commands for tallies, moderation, utility and music. Includes commands for twitter streams, weather, film and TV queries, rudimentary music support. New features added regularly.
Owner: VJ #5945 Prefix: ?,! (Customisable)

Multipurpose bot with customisable prefix, interactive help, rudimentary music support, moderation and utility functions, tags and reminders, and some fun games and other cool stuff.

Before you add:

The bot will automatically leave your server if:

  • It has less than 10 human members.
  • It has more bots than humans.

These restrictions are in place because this bot will not be verified with Discord in the near future, and will therefore be restricted to 100 servers.

If you wish to add the bot to a server that does not meet these requirements, make your case in the support server, and your server might be manually whitelisted.


kick, ban, mute, unmute, tempmute, block, unblock, tempblock and a lot of automoderation features like raid mode, and mentionspam filtering


This was designed for a very specific audience, but I’ve left it in all the same.

If you need to use this, you probably already know how this works. If you don’t, you can ask in the support server. It’s a bit hard to put into unambiguous words.


  • Music (this isn’t very robust, supports YouTube and SoundCloud properly)
  • External API stuff (PyPI, Anime, Jisho, Astronomy, Lichess, currency conversion, Wolfram alpha, Urban dictionary, etc)
  • Games - blackjack, chess, maze, hangman,
  • Tools - Calculation, TODO, reminders, run code
  • Time zone store
  • Translation and OCR

Markov generator and snipe

  • These features require logging of messages and therefore must be explicitly opted in to.
  • Snipe may be enabled server wide by a moderator, and they are required to inform server members of the same. Individual members can then choose to opt out if they wish.
For a full list of commands, see ?help. New features might be added in the future. Join the support server for updates