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BOOPER #4407
JerryFox #0001
BOOPER is there for you to have Fun and spice up your conversations! BOOPER can play Music and help you moderate you server!

BOOPER is there to add that little bit of fun and spice to your conversations, he replies to certain keywords and phrases or talks to you if you mention him or say his name! If you don’t want the either the quick replies or all replies, you can turn them off.

BOOPER also features a structured help embed (b!help):

One of BOOPER’s main features is playing Music, either by entering a YT-Video/Playlist-Link or the search term for a song/video (Featuring queues, volume levels, etc.).

BOOPER can also be used to create Tickets and Rolemenus with multiple uses and options for customization! Find out more with b!tickets and b!rolemenu !

BOOPER can also announce new Joins and Leaves, while also featuring customization options for the card and welcome message!

BOOPER also has a lot of fun and tool commands! You should try them out!

BOOPER also features Translation! b!translate (Language Code) (Text) auto-detects your Text and translates it into your selected language (Language Code). You can get every supported Language Code from BOOPER (b!translate help).

With BOOPER you can get useful and interesting Information about the server or a user, like the exact time a user joined the server, when the server was created and many more.

BOOPER can kick/ban and Mute people, bulk delete messages and give warnings!

BOOPER has NSFW features too, more about them in the help embed though!

If you have a suggestion for BOOPER or found a bug, they can submit/report it via the b!bot-report command as they are always more than welcome.

Have fun! ~ More features are always coming soon! - Check his Twitter @BOOPERDiscord for updates!