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A giveaway bot with many features | English + German / Deutsch + Polish / Polska | Supports requirements to join giveaways | 99.99% uptime, fast support | Easy to use

Giveaway Bot

The giveaway bot is an easy-to-use bot used to host giveaways on your server!
Change the language using !setlanguage and change the prefix using !setprefix.
Read the command list below to learn how to start and manage giveaways!
You need at least Manage Channel permissions in order to use the giveaway commands.
If you need help, feel free to join our support server! You can join by clicking here.
Have fun using the bot!

List of all commands: !help


!setlanguage en, de or pl - Changes the bot’s language to English, German / Deutsch or Polish / Polska

!start 5h 2w Fancy hoodie - Starts a new giveaway for a fancy hoodie that ends in 5 hours and has 2 winners

!create - Starts a new giveaway using the interactive setup which supports adding requirements to join the giveaway

!end <messageID> - Ends a giveaway before the time is up

!reroll <messageID> - Selects a new winner

!edit <messageID> <winners/length/prize> <newValue> - Edits an ongoing giveaway

!list [inactive] - Sends a list of all giveaways / inactive giveaways

!giveaways - Lists all giveaways that a user has entered

!setprefix <newPrefix> - Changes the bot’s prefix

!setpermsrole <roleID or @role> - Sets a additional role that has permission to manage giveaways

!help - Sends a list of all commands with a description

!invite - Sends the invite for this bot (in DMs)

!support - Sends the invite for the support server (in DMs)

!id <object> - Get the ID of a user/role/textchannel


<Parameter> - mandatory

[Parameter] - optional