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QuoteBot #6334
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Aonan #0356
A QuoteBot designed to quote users in an undertale style textbox! Just say help!
Owner: Aonan #0356 Prefix: / or mention


This is QuoteBot! A bot for all your undertale / DELTARUNE textbox needs! When someone says something that you want to quote, simply call the bot by saying quote <user>

The quote command has some variations, you can use sprites with it like :

quote <user> <character>

And you can choose expressions specific to those characters! (a full list of all expressions is available here) Like :

quote <user> <character> <expression>

You can also includes colors in your quotes*, there are two ways to do this, either :

quote <user> <character> <expression> <color>

Or you can put color=<choice> in your messages that you quote like this :

discord screenshot of demonstration

*Colors are only available for those who have upvoted the bot, at either discordbotlist or

There is also a help command which repeats this info.

And an upvote command which gives instructions on how to upvote the bot.

The bot is also documented here.

The bot only keeps anonymized server id’s, details on how this is done is here.

The bot requires read messages so it can search through messages to find what to quote.

You can reach me at @AonanComhad