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Pogy Pogy#4107
You can do A LOT with this Bot, from moderation, admin, currency, fun and more. This bot will optimize your discord server!
Owner: Peter Prefix: p!

Pogy Bot By Peter_#444

Pogy is a fully customizable discord bot with over 180 commands. It is a mixture of famous discord bots like dank memer, dyno, and many more.

183+ commands and 12 different categories! alt detector: Blocks alts from the guild applications: Manage applications from the website config: Configure server settings utility: Some utility commands economy: Started but not done fun: A ton of commands to keep your server active images: Image Commands information: Information Commands moderation: Mod commands to moderate your discord server nsfw: πŸ‘€ reaction roles: Reaction roles tickets: Guild tickets for support Pogy even has the following features on the website

Ticket Transcripts + Application Transcripts Contact & Report page Welcome messages and farewell messages including embeds. Full customizable Logging and moderation Full customizable Suggestions and Server Reports A built in Premium system A built in maintenance mode A members Page Auto Mod, Levelling, and Commands